Mindful Media Pt 2: Accounts to Follow

In Mindful Media Pt 1, I shared all my favorite tips to curb your phone usage (who else has been loving Apple’s latest update?!), but there are so many awesome ways to use your phone, like getting loads of inspiration.  In this installment of Mindful Media, I am excited to share with you my favorite accounts to follow!


From social media to blogs to podcasts, there are so many positive accounts to follow that can inspire or entertain you.  It is all too easy to feel trapped in a social media spiral – Why can’t I have that person’s life or clothes or home?  What I have isn’t as good as theirs. – so we want to make sure we’re exposing ourselves to lift us up.  If you are following accounts that give you that sinking feeling – unfollow. If you aren’t comfortable unfollowing – mute.  Trust me, your happiness and sense of worth should not be dependent on what is coming through on your feed! 

Social Media: Instagram & Blogs

My top four accounts to follow have several attributes in common – they are strong, confident, honest women.  They keep it real and are so passionate it’s infectious! I love them all in their own unique ways and know you will too!

Om & the City

Why you’ll love her: Queen of simplicity, I love Jules’ comprehensive and transparent take on wellness. From mindfulness tips to takin’ care of my plant babies, I’ve gotten tons of inspiration from her over the years!

Favorite part: Sign up for her mailing list – trust me! Her weekly emails are full of so much good stuff, you’ll be inspired all week!

Lee From America

Why you’ll love her: Lee dances to the beat of her own drum and leaves no topic left unturned – and it’s awesome. She shares her love of travel, emerging health trends, and food food food!

Favorite part: Bruxism help, dry brushing and so much more – I’m always learning something new and thoroughly researched from LFA!

Amelia Barnes

Why you’ll love her: This momma is amazing and uber inspiring.  She lost her first child just a few days after his birth and has been honoring his memory since by helping others that have lost a child.  Not just that, she is a stellar yoga teacher, sustainable clothing designer, and huge animal lover, like me!

Favorite part: She shares so many amazing zero waste tips through her instagram and newsletter!  She’s also launching a blog super soon, which I cannot wait for.

Kristen Bell

Why you’ll love her: There is no forking (where my Good Place fans at?!) reason not to!! She is open about her struggles with mental health, gives back more than most celebrities I have ever seen, shares honestly about motherhood and marriage, stands up for what is right – I could go on and on.  From the early days of Veronica Mars to The Good Place to all the on-and-off screen inbetweens, Kristen is a such an amazing role model in standing in your own truth and being compassionate & patient at all times.

Favorite part: Kristen did one of those instagram question things (which unfortunately aren’t saved to her highlights), and she was asked a question (to the effect of) “How are you able to care so little about what people think of you?” Her answer: “Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ I do not consent.” Gives me chills!

Bonus favorite: Her hubby, Dax Shepard, has an awesome podcast – some of the best & most entertaining interviews I have ever heard (including two episodes with Kristen!).



One of my favorites mediums is podcasts because you can listen to them anywhere, anytime. I have always loved talk radio, and podcasts are the next generation of that. You can find great podcasts on your iPhone, Android, or Spotify.  Here are my favorites!


Goal Digger

Why you’ll love it: Whether you have your own blog, business, or simply are interested in the behind-the-scenes, this captivating marketing and management podcast is overflowing with so much information and tips.  Jenna & her guests break down the most complex aspects of business – how to honestly grow your following, managing a team, SEO reports, and much more – and deliver it to you in bite-size chunks that leave you motivated and not defeated.  She is super transparent about growing her empire but is also super down to Earth.

Episode length: 20 – 60 minutes

That’s So Retrograde

Why you’ll love it: I stumbled upon this podcast and knew it was for me when I read a description online that said: “listen if you run with the green juice and crystals crowd but aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself about it”.  Stephanie and Elizabeth are hilarious, sweet, and real as they engage in conscious conversations with experts, comedians, and each other about all things wellness. These two will keep you laughing and learning your entire drive home.   

Episode length: 45 – 90 minutes

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

Why you’ll love it: As a long time Yoga Girl fan, I’ve always admired the way Rachel uses her platform for so much good! Love, love, love her! In her podcast, Rachel shares the beauty and pain of life and how you can rebuild, find balance, grow, and celebrate it all. She is able to get her guests to be vulnerable and real right alongside her.  

Episode length: 60 – 90 minutes


Find your faves

The common thread within all these sources is they leave me feeling inspired and never make me question my own offering.  Even if these accounts aren’t your scene, it’s so important to be conscious of who and what you’re following!  You should get those same feel-good feels with what you’re choosing to put on your feed. Show yourself some love and let go of the accounts that make you feel anything less than amazing.


PS – Be on the lookout for Mindful Media: Part Three as I share my favorite mediums off the phone that boost creativity, get your brain working, and are just plain fun!


*All pictures shared besides those of myself & Layla belong to the accounts they are linked to!


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