How to Manifest Your Best Year Yet!

This time of year is the most popular for reflection and goal setting. It’s easy to get caught up in all you think you need to change about yourself, but please know how wonderful you are just the way you are!  When thinking of what you want to come out of the next year, make sure you aren’t belittling your current selfRather than thinking of them as resolutions for what you want to change, think about what you want to manifest and how your goals can get you there. 


Keep Your Goals Simple

Here is my downfall – I love lists and love checking them off. That means, I have lots of plans and goals when thinking about the next twelve months.  By keeping our goals simple, they are more effective. This year, I just have two:

Be of service to myself and others

 Support a healthy mind & body

Of course, I have a few tactics to support these two goals, but ultimately, as long as I am best serving myself & others and supporting all that brings health to my mind & body, I will be very content.



Again, I highly discourage having goals that put down who you are in your current state.  This leads thoughts of inadequacy and sometimes, self-loathing. If you feel this way about your goals, you may grow to resent them and disregard, when really, you probably had the best of intentions when you thought of them. Try refreshing them with a little positivity:

“I want to lose 15 pounds/I need to cleanse or start a diet/I need to ‘be good’ since I ate so much during the holidays” —-> “I want to cultivate a healthier lifestyle through a well rounded diet and exercises that I enjoy doing”


… and Manageable

Some of the items that used to fall on my lists would be pie-in-the-sky. While it is great to have goals to stretch yourself, you also don’t want to get burnt out along the way.  Manageable goals, or even milestones for bigger goals, will keep you more motivated. Some suggestions:

“I want to meditate every morning” —> “I will meditate three mornings and slowly increase to daily”

Be sure to celebrate the small victories, too! You made it to that early morning yoga class? Washed, folded, and put away the clothes in one day? Good for you!!

Create a Vision Board

This is a new one for me this year, but I have heard so many wonderful things from friends on their success. Using the rules above, I started with some reflection then flipped through magazines to find pictures or phrases that spoke to me to support my goals. It’s hanging in my bathroom now where I’ll be able to see it each day!


Most Importantly…

Above all, be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey. If you have setbacks or fall off course, that’s okay – you are human, and we have all been there. All you can do is show yourself compassion and start again tomorrow! The struggles and successes are all part of your story – don’t wish this time away!


Let me know if you find these tips helpful as you think about what you want in the new year. Happy manifesting!!

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