Mindful Media Pt 1: Phone Usage

I’m so excited for this three-part series because bringing more mindfulness into how I approach the screens and (social) media is something I have been working on for a while.  I’ve compiled by best tips & tricks to cover screen usage, sources of inspiration, and utilizing other medias.  Enjoy part one!


Our phones – they are our most loyal companion, right?! So it would seem because we can’t go anywhere without them!  Frankly, I’ve been trying to get some distance though… I know I’m not the only one who feels this way! We can get so caught in them, it’s nice to look up every now and then.  Here are four ways I’ve been able to put some space between me and my cell.


Understand Your Usage

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the Moments app, which tracks how much you are on your phone. Facing the actual time spent on your phone is an eye opener, trust me.  I used my phone regularly for a couple days to set a baseline when I first downloaded it. Honestly, it was shocking, but now I’m on my phone for as little as an hour or two a day.  The minutes really add up when you scroll, but this app offers motivation to keep it short! What’s really awesome is the new iPhone update has a similar feature built in that also allows you to set time limits on apps – so neat!

No Scrolling Before Sleeping

… or when you wake up for that matter!  Keep off your phone for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and after you wake.  It gives your mind and eyes a break from the light of your phone and time to wind down.

Hand in hand, skip the scroll while you eat!  Ever sat down to eat a snack with your phone, and before you know it, your plate is empty? Yeah, me too.  Leave your phone be and enjoy your meal! It’ll help you from eating too quickly and allow you to savor each bite.

Limit Notifications

The more notifications you get, the more likely you are to check your phone, which makes sense.  When you see that little red number, it’s hard to ignore! To combat this, I have notifications turned off on nearly everything – social media, email, and even have my phone on Do Not Disturb 24/7.  

If you’re worried about emergencies, don’t – you can set people up in your favorites and allow their calls to come through normally.  If they are not in your favorites, their call will come through if it’s repeated within a few minutes. And you definitely don’t have to worry about social media emergencies – that can all wait 🙂



Perhaps the most powerful thing that has helped me curb my phone usage is asking myself this question: “Is being on my phone taking away from something more important to me?”  For instance, if I am on Instagram instead of getting ready for date night with my husband, or instead of cuddling with the furkids, or instead of practicing yoga, etc etc… When I look at it from that perspective, it is easier to put down my phone and refocus on what matters most.

All of these have helped me to seriously put some space between me and my cell and help break free from the bind it seems to have over us all.  Since limiting my usage, I’ve been able to soak up so much more of each day and truly be able to enjoy the people and environment around me.  I hope it can help do the same for you!

There are so many great ways to utilize your phone, though!  In Part Two, I’ll share my favorite sources of inspiration from all across the web. I can’t wait to share these amazing resources with you!

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