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Intention Setting: Journal Prompts & Meditation for Reflection

As we’re rounding the bend on the first full month of the year, I’ve put together some tools I use each month when setting my intentions.  I like to set intentions each month because it helps bring to life what I’ve envisioned for the year. Focusing a month (sometimes week or day!) at a time breaks those goals down into more manageable segments to keep me engaged and motivated for where I want to be.


Not familiar or burnt out with goal and intention setting? Here you’ll find some tips on manifesting your best year yet!


Have a Seat

To get in the right frame of mind to set intentions, I walk through the meditation below. This allows me to picture my future self, focus on the positive in my life, while also acknowledging, yet distancing from the negativity.

Grab Your Journal

Following the meditation, I reflect on a few questions:

  1. What is in my control to distance myself from the things that bring me stress, discomfort, and limit my growth?
  2. How can I make more room for what brings me joy, peace and fulfillment?
  3. How can what I am surrounding yourself with today support my future self?  
  4. What have I enjoyed about the last month? What are the areas of opportunity?


Putting it Together

Chances are, you’ll start to see some trends as you answer these questions.  This is what you can focus on for the month ahead. Think of them as gateways to help you reach that version of your future self that you have envisioned.  Having this practice also allows me to honor the person I am today – don’t forget to trust and enjoy the journey, friends! We don’t want to rush our time away to next week, month, or year!

Do you set monthly intentions? Share your tips below!

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