Celebrate the Love!

Feature image is our late boy, Gus ❤️ He was our sweetie and truly did love always 🙂


We’re approaching the season of love, but it’s not just romantic (or commercialized) love!  There are so many different kinds of love that you feel throughout any given day, and they are all worthy of special celebration.  Whether it’s your significant other, family, or friends, try some of these ways to show the people in your life how much you love them.

Your S.O.

Yes, of course this one is top of mind and most showcased this time of year because it’s so important!  If your partner is anything like mine, they are your best friend, biggest fan, and strongest support system.  They help lift you up when you’re down and know you better than anyone else in the world.  You don’t have to exchange presents or spend a lot of money on a really fancy date night if that’s not your style.  Try leaving them a note for them to find when they wake up or get to work, cook a meal together, give a shoulder massage, or do the dishes for them.

Your family

There are countless ways to show the rest of your family the love, too!  Take the kids for a walk or turn the TV off and play a board game.  Host your parents for dinner, get a drink with your siblings.  Help your grandparents around the house or with a project they are working on.  Give one of them a call if you haven’t caught up since the holidays.  Your family doesn’t want or require much – just simply a little bit of your time and attention.

Love the time I get to spend with my grandma! 🙂

Your furkids

If you’re like me, your pets are your family!  They love you unconditionally and deserve to be shown the same back.  Last year, we took a weekend getaway with the pups to Hocking Hills State Park.  This was around the start of Gus’ mobility problems, so we didn’t hike like we intended.  However, the quality time we got to spend as a little family was priceless.  Try taking yours to a new park you’ve been wanting to check out or for a drive to Starbucks for a puppuccino.  Cuddle your cat and give them some fresh catnip.  This year, I am going to make some homemade treats, like these!  Like the humans in your life, all they want is your time and attention!

Your friends

Celebrate a Galentine’s Day, Leslie Knope style! (Where my Parks and Rec fans?!) Rally up your tribe and have a good old-fashioned girls night.  Get yourselves some mani-pedis or go to a yoga class.  To get the guys in your life involved too, you could go on a group date or volunteer together.  Show your appreciation for your friends who build you up, support your dreams, and got your back!

Manis with the girls 💅


You know I’m all about self love first and foremost!  If you haven’t tried my self-care tips or read my other self-care posts, that’s a great starting point!  It goes beyond pampering and bubble baths, though.  Speak kindly to yourself, leave yourself little notes of encouragement, and start a gratitude practice if you don’t have one already.  

My 2018 intentions, all grounded in self-love ❤️

It doesn’t matter how you do it!

There are so many kinds of love and even more ways to show it.  Get creative and find what speaks to you and your loved ones!  The most important thing is to be present and show your gratitude for all your loved ones.  And as always, be kind and show love to those you don’t know, too.  You never know the battle someone is dealing with, and a nice word could be all they need to make their day!


If you have any fun Valentine’s traditions, I’d love to hear them below!


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