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Favorite Clean Beauty Brands That You’ll Love Too!

The last few weeks, we’ve talked about reducing toxins in the home & skincare.  For a refresh on why it’s so important: everything we put on, in, and around our bodies gets absorbed into the bloodstream and airways and has drastic effects on our health.  The ingredients in common, everyday products are linked to cancer, thyroid problems, reproductive issues, asthma, and much more.  Just like us, our planet absorbs everything we make and use, so it’s important for Mother Earth, too!  Educating about make-up is also near and dear to my heart because…

Animal Testing

The cosmetic industry is sadly horrendous for animal testing. Opening my eyes to this reality was the catalyst to changing my entire lifestyle in my early 20s. The first thing I do when searching for a new products (beauty or for the home) is check if it’s cruelty free.

Unfortunately, some products claim to not be tested on animals, when what they really mean is the end product is not.  These companies will source ingredients from companies that do test. The Cruelty Cutter app makes it really easy to check or you can look it up on The Leaping Bunny. Now that you have a clear picture of my “why”, let’s get to it!


My Favorite Brands

I love these brands not only because they are clean and cruelty free, but because they are long lasting too! Natural beauty products don’t have to sacrifice quality. My makeup routine has always been super simple.  Most days, I just wear some blush and mascara, but the above photo showcases a few more items! The products asterisked* below are the ones I’m wearing here.


  • Eyeliner: Sex Kitten liquid eyeliner*
  • Blush: Amazonian clay 12-hour blush, color – exposed
  • Mascara: Lights, camera, lashes
  • Brow gel: Busy gal brows


  • Blush & lip: Multi-stick, color – at last*
  • Eyeliner: Pure eyeliner pencil, color – rebel rebel
  • Mascara: Pure mascara, color – nightfall

100% Pure

  • Eye shadow: Fruit pigmented eye shadow, color – vanilla sugar*
  • Eye brows: Long last brows, color – medium brown*
  • Mascara: Fruit pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara, color – black tea*

Better For All

My love and compassion for animals runs real deep, but so does my passion for sharing the importance of using nontoxic products.  It really makes a difference for yourself and the world around you.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be all at once, and every little bit does help.

Comment below with any questions or your own favorites!

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