4 Components to Clean, Nontoxic Skincare

Reducing and eliminating the toxins in our lives is super important for our health – what we surround ourselves with gets into our bodies one way or another (either through the bloodstream or our airways).  It’s also critical for the health of our planet; the products we use and consume have an effect on our waterways, soil, air quality, and more.

We’ve looked at some safe swaps for the home; now let’s talk about skincare. The skin is our largest organ.  It’s our outer layer of protection, absorbing everything on and around it. It’s also an indicator of when things might not be right – you know, those pimples, hives or rashes that creep in when we’re stressed, hormones are imbalanced, or are eating treats that don’t agree with us. There’s a lot of products and do’s & don’ts when it comes to skin.  To keep things simple, let’s focus on four basic areas.

The first step I took towards healthy skin swaps? My deodorant. Check out this post to learn why.

From the Inside Out

Staying properly hydrated is the best way to care for our skin. Before coffee or tea, drink a full glass of water when you wake up, and even set reminders on your phone if you find it hard to remember to drink water throughout the day. The food we eat and things we drink play a role in the condition of our skin. Many find elimination of dairy and gluten helps give their skin a healthy glow, as well as reducing alcohol consumption. 

Face Wash

Having a nearly blemish free complexion most of my life was something I was always grateful for (thanks, mom!), but my poor thyroid had other plans for me last year. Hormonal acne and dullness were a couple issues that none of my products were helping with.  

Enter BioClarity!  This three step program has helped clear my skin up so much, getting rid of redness and irritation, while also giving back its previous glow. Their super smooth and hydrating facial lotion is amazing, too!

Body Wash

In addition to my favorite Lush zero-waste body washes, which are really moisturizing, my long-time love has been Dr Bronner’s. I use bronners for washing sensitive areas, shaving, cleaning makeup brushes, and more. It is so versatile and super concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way. Their products are safe and sustainable, and fill our home & lives daily!


I have become super sensitive to overpowering scents, which was the catalyst for me searching for a new body lotion to replace my Hempz. For the last couple months, I have been using this baby lotion from Puracy.  It has a very light scent and is super gentle and hydrating that keeps my dry skin moisturized all day.  I also use an in-shower lotion from Lush (zero waste!) for my legs because they get extra dry & itchy from my compression stockings, and it helps all over for the dry winter months, too.

It’s All About the Basics

There is a lot to learn when it comes to skincare, so just start with the basics.  It can be tempting to seek a full regimen of products, but my advice would be to add one at a time. By adding too many at once, you won’t be able to evaluate how a particular product reacts with your skin.  And as always, I recommend replacing any current products as they run out (unless they are causing pain or irritation!) because it is a much easier undertaking for your research and wallet!


Non-toxic makeup is coming up next, and I am super excited to share my favorite clean beauty brands with you!


Please note, I’m not a professional – these are just the products that work for me! Some of the links included are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Trust I always thoroughly research and use any product I share and appreciate your returned support!

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