7 Empowering Self-Love Anthems to Download Immediately

singing into hairbrush

There are few things that really pump me up or turn my mood around more than dancing around to my favorite tunes. And while that unfortunately can really wear me out, I can still belt out a song like nobody’s business! Whether I’m in key or not is a different story.. let’s just say I’m not trying out for America’s Got Talent anytime soon 😉

Whether you’re toe tapping or doing a full routine, humming or performing on stage (real or imaginary 😄), you want some jams on your playlist to celebrate your self love and empower you like the fierce woman you are! So grab your mics (*cough* hairbrushes), ladies – these are the songs you’ll want to play on repeat.

Dance like Doug’s not watching 😂

Soulmate – Lizzo

Because we don’t need crowns to be queens. Walk to your closest mirror and sing this one to yourself. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and pump up your self love game!

This is Me – The Greatest Showman

Send a flood to drown out those haters, hunny – ’cause you are freakin’ glorious. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried to this song, in the best way. It fills my heart right up – making me feel brave, seen, and who I’m meant to be.

Run the World – Beyoncé

Now more than ever do us ladies need to stick together. And Bey reppin’ for the girls takin’ over the world, she reminds us we run this motha.

Brave – Sara Bareilles

Sometimes the shadow wins – but what if you spoke up? This jam gives courage for you to be brave, to be true to yourself and not let anyone walk over you!

Girl on Fire – Alisha Keys

You are fire, girl! A flame so bright, on top of the world. Let it burn, babe!

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Don’t let anyone stop you from doin’ you! The only non-female artist on this list can be reserved for none other than Freddie himself. This Queen song is my JAM. It’ll make you feel alive – there is nothing that can stop you!

Juice – Lizzo

Ya ya eeee – I couldn’t resist putting this girl on here twice. If you’re shining, everyone else will too. So keep shining, girlfriend!

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dancing while dog makes funny face to camera
LOL don’t judge like Doug judges 😂 Just have fun and dance!

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